Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pokemon Go level me?

Pokemon GO level me is a service provider for all the Pokemon GO players around the world we offer services such as account leveling, pokemon leveling, eggs hatching, pokemon capture, items collecting services.

Who should use Pokemon GO level me?

Pokemon go level me was established with the simple intention of providing help to those players who do not have enough spare time to level their own accounts or complete many other tasks, maybe there is no pokemons near your area and you cant find the pokemon you want.

Is this safe?

Absolutely! We are the only Pokemon Go Level Me Service Provider to use organic methods and real trainers to level/boost all of our accounts. If your account is ever banned, we will supply you with a replacement account, free of charge! (Terms and restrictions apply).

What methods do you use?

All of our services are organic and delivered by a real person which will follow your instructions to achieve your desired results into your account. We do not make use of bots or use any cheats in the process of delivering our services.

How long does it take?

The time needed to deliver our services to your account may vary depending on your needs, however orders usually take up to 24 hours to be verified and processed, Once the verification process is done the assigned trainer will start working on your order and might take 3-7 business days to deliver depending on your account needs.

Do you offer refunds?

You are paying for a service which is non-refundable please make sure you read our terms of service and review your package before making your purchase as there will be no refunds for any reasons other than refunding unauthorized payments.

Can i choose my Trainer name, Team And Gender?

Yes! We will ask you to choose and provide your character’s desired name, select the team of your trainer, and choose the gender when placing your order.

Can i change the information on the account?

We recommend that you change the Email and Password to your account after purchasing. You can do so here. (If you have trouble changing your email/password, it is due to website maintenance on the PTC site and is not an issue on our end).

What if i have an issue accessing my new account?

If you have an issue logging onto your account, it most likely has to do with the PTC server and not an issue on our end. Make sure to try again after 24 – 48 hours. If an issue still persists, send us an email and we are happy to help!


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